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Introducing Pristine’s latest innovative range:  Artisanal American Delights.

Our range includes 8 confectionery mixes (100% full mixes), whose convenience and versatility cater to the current demands of American-style bakery products for all your baking needs! 

Each mix gives the possibility of producing multiple applications for your customers to enjoy.



The quality of our products remains the same bake after bake, delivering high quality every single time.


We make it easy to use with multiple ingredients for the perfect baked items; all in one bag.


Our mixes help reduce your bakery’s preparation time, minimize human error and allow you to manage your stocks better.


Each mix allows you to create an array of applications, suitable for every occasion.

Tailor-made solutions

Our team works with you to understand your requirements and offer you the best solutions for your customers – ranging from mixes to concentrates.


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