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Cake Doughnut Mix
  • 10KG

A complete mix best for sweet and dense donuts with short and soft bites. Can easily with be topped with a glaze, icing or powdered sugar. 

Yeast Raised Donut Mix
  • 22.72KG

A complete mix with the perfect blend for creating tasty, light donuts every time. Using high quality ingredients, the mix is a versatile product that allows you to make any form of yeast-raised donut from rings, filled, twisters, berliners, fritters, long johns, holes etc.

Eggless Yeast Raised Doughnut Mix
  • 10KG

This complete mix is highly convenient for the preparation of egg-free donuts great in volume and soft in texture. Can easily be filled or topped with a glaze, icing or powdered sugar.