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Durum Semolina Coarse
  • 50KG

A coarse grind of high-protein durum wheat with a good source of carotenoids (natural antioxidents). It is perfect for making Arabic sweets, sooji, ahlwa, upma and rawa dosa and enhances the color and flavor of breads, pizza crust and pasta.


Pristine French Style Patisserie Flour (T45)
  • 25KG

Milled from premium quality soft wheat, T45 is finely ground, white in color and low in protein. It is suitable for making high ratio cakes and pastries and allows end products to be soft and light.


Wafer Flour
  • 45KG

Fine granulated wheat flour with lower water absorption, protein, gluten, medium to high gelatinization temperature of the starch which gives the final product a defined texture with a specific surface pattern. Ideal for wafer and biscuits, also for industrial use.


Biscuit Flour
  • 50KG

Soft, low protein flour, milled from a special selection of wheat varieties. Depending on the process and recipe used it produces the desireable texture. Ideal for sweet and semi-sweet biscuit doughs.