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July 27, 2020 | 11:15

Perfecting the American Style of Baking!

The inside scoop just for you


American style bakery products are all the rage worldwide. In the Middle Eastern market, the trends show that there is a consistent increase in the demand to have these kind of products available for the end-customer. Take a walk through time to know more about the world of American baking here.


Our chefs have curated a set of tips and tricks for you to keep in mind while working our range of our American Cream Cakes to prepare the perfect baked item! 




#1: Batter be perfect

When using frozen eggs for your batter, make sure that the egg is completely defrosted. If not, it will make the batter too cold – not allowing it to perform correctly when it’s set in the oven!


#2: Getting the perfect cream cake

When mixing the wet ingredients, save yourself the bother of too many utensils by just adding oil and water in the same jug. The hydrophobic nature of the oils allow it to simply float above the water; you do not need to weigh and keep each item separate.


#3: Blueberry blast

Using frozen fruit is generally the way to go if you are looking to save time and cost. In today’s uncertain world with the COVID-19 pandemic, many bakeries are stocking up on ingredients that can be frozen without impact.


In the case of blueberries, they have the tendency to reduce the temperature of the batter when introduced. Therefore, you simply raise the temperature of the water used in the batter by 4-5°C. This allows your baked item to rise well and have the right amount of volume! 


#4: Scrumptious Carrot Cake

What’s more satisfying than the perfect combination of a cake that achieves the flawless balance of density, sweetness and spice? That’s right – look no further than our Carrot Cake mix!


A pro-tip for you: when baking, ensure you squeeze all the juice out of the carrot; the water from the carrot makes the batter thin. However, when making the batter, you can use the carrot juice and add to the water quantity needed – it works wonders for the flavor of the cake. 



#5: Freeze Time and Save it!

Pristine’s Cream Cakes are designed in a way where they are freeze-thaw stable.

When you are preparing a large order, you can save time by preparing yourself the previous day and baking your product. Just store it in the freezer and your product will become more moist and soft when it is defrosted! It’s the product you need in your bakery when you require more time to prep other products, decorate, etc.


Pristine's entire range of Artisanal American Delights is crafted specifically to cater to the demand of American style baking. From cream cakes to donuts and brownies, you can find every solution that is versatile for all your baking needs. Learn more about what we have to offer here.


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July 05, 2020 | 15:00

American Baked Delights – from Indispe...

Baked goods have come a long way from mass-produces staples to 3D-printed decorations


A walk through time

The bakery sector in the U.S has historically been heavily influenced by European baked goods, such as pastries, croissants, muffins, and others. During World War I[1], American men fighting overseas (coincidentally called doughboys, but had nothing to do with doughnuts!) were introduced to doughnuts by the French.

Soon after, these products became extremely popular in America and went beyond being a humble breakfast item to the point where American innovators introduced new technology to cater to the demand. Americans love their baked goods, especially cookies, pies, pastries and other sweet goods, to the extent where the U.S. ranked #1 overall in retail sales on baked goods in 2017, accounting for a whopping US$ 58.6 billion according to a study by Euromonitor International[2].


Bringing new technology to the bakery

The advent of the industrial revolution brought along machines that aided bakers. Innovations in industrial ovens and ingredients such as preservatives and food additives ensured baked products could be mass-produced and stay fresh longer.

Adolph Levitt, a Bulgarian immigrant living in New York, along with an engineer, devised what he called the Wonderful Almost Human Automatic Doughnut Machine [3] that could produce 1,000 doughnuts per hour in the early 1920s! Since then, industry pioneers Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts have revolutionized mass production, and a single store has the capacity to produce 12,000 doughnuts per hour!


With an eye towards the future, chefs at the Culinary Institute of America are getting trained in cutting-edge technology that applies to bakery products as well. The latest being: utilization of 3D printing to create experience in desserts, such as printing the glass in which desserts are served from sugar, or whipping up intricate cake decorations in minutes.



A sheer display of American ingenuity

One of the pioneers of cake mixes, P. Duff and Sons, had an idea that involved the use of molasses and flour. While their original patent for a cake mix required consumers to just add water, later studies showed that consumers were not “emotionally invested” enough in the process. The psychologist Ernest Dichter told cake companies to switch up the recipe so that home bakers would have to add fresh eggs, and this simple tweak was considered a major breakthrough in the modern cake mix – leading to companies like General Mills, Pillsbury and others earning millions in profits from these products[4]!


American bakery influences in the Middle East

The bakery trends in the Middle East is heavily influenced by various cultures which call the place home. Chief among these is the snacking trend, and American snacks are extremely popular across the Middle East[5].


These include bars, snack products with chia seeds, sesame seeds, bagels, among others. In sync with the trend in the U.S., Middle Eastern consumers also seek healthier options when it comes to baked goods, but don’t mind the occasional indulgence. Millennials are catching on to brands that resonate with them on social media, offer holistic health options, and are Instagram-worthy[6].



In order to cater this demand, Pristine has launched its own range of Artisanal American Delights – the perfect solution for every baker looking for a little bit of indulgence! Learn more here.










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June 23, 2020 | 15:40

Mastering the Art of Frozen Baking

It's more than just sticking the products in the oven


Pristine Frozen Bakery products bring a lor of convenience and simplicity to your bakery and cafe.  



However, there are some vital points that you need to keep in mind while using the frozen baked products.


Look no further for a curated set of Tips and Tricks shared directly by Matthew Allan, General Manager of Frozen Bakery!



The ovens we use for all our product development are fan forced commercial quality ovens and the times we state for each product are a guide only as they reflect our ovens.

Given there are many different types of ovens, the oven you use will have an impact on baking temperatures and time.

In general, a deck or non-fan forced oven will need to be increased by up to 10°C and the baking time increased by 5%. Please keep an eye on your product when you bake for the first time to ensure you adjust accordingly!



Oven fullness

Are you baking one tray of product or three or maybe even ten trays? Is the oven full of the same product or multiple products where the door will be opened a couple of times during baking? Has the oven come up to temperature first?


The fullness of your oven will influence your baking time and the oven temperature. If you are baking one tray, the recovery time to bring the oven back up to temperature and full force will be faster than if you had 10 trays where the door will have been open longer and the cold product will suck the initial heat out of the oven. 

Always bear in mind that an oven with a small amount of product (1 tray) will generally bake up to 10% faster and hotter than a full oven.


Baking temperatures and times

As a practice, you could pre-heat your oven hotter than the temperature you will be baking at, as once you open the door you lose a vast amount of heat. Always have your trays loaded and ready to go in so you can minimize the heat loss. You can turn the oven back to the desired temperature once you have loaded your oven.


Baking in general is a 3-step process


 o   The initial jump or oven spring (height)

Depending on the product you are baking, it is often a good idea to increase the temperature for the first 5-10 minutes so you can get great oven spring. This is especially important for muffins, croissants and bread where the first few minutes will determine the product volume.

 o   The main baking period

This is where you are baking the internal body of your product. You want it baked inside and not dry or under-baked. For the likes of muffins, croissants and bread, try to bring the temperature back down to normal so the inside is baked without too much colour.

 o   The finishing

This is the part of the baking process where you focus on your external appearance! You can do this by dropping the oven temperature down by 10°C for the final 5 minutes so you can focus on finishing it off, perfecting the colour for breads or pastries and the crust. If baking crusty bread or croissants, open your vent to let the moisture out and dry it off, if you do not have a vent try placing a towel in the oven door to wedge it open a bit. The crust difference will be noticeable.


Perfecting the Chewy American Cookie

Last but not the least; be mindful of baking times and temperatures when baking Chewy American style cookies. Nine times out of ten, you will think they are under-baked and give them a couple more minutes and you will end up with a biscuit rather than a cookie. The product is still edible but it loses its softness, chewiness and uniqueness.  


Can’t wait to try it out yourself? Check out our entire range of Frozen Baked goods available for you here.

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June 04, 2020 | 14:00

Tales and trends of Frozen Bakery

A brief history


It's common knowledge that bakery products have 3 main things needed in

the baking process-yeast, mold and bacteria. It's what makes the world go round.


However, these also are contributing factors to reduced shelf-life and increased chances of spoilage, especially in breads.


Herein came the technique of freezing food that was popularized by Clarence Birdseye in 1924. “Undeniably, Birdseye changed our civilization. He created an industry by modernizing the process of food preservation and in so doing nationalized and then internationalized food distribution.”[1] 


Over time, with new technology, the frozen food techniques began to incorporate newer methods of freezing as well as packaging for a long-lasting shelf life.


The restaurateur’s dream come true


Let’s paint you a picture.


It’s the early 1990’s, industrialization is at an all-time high, restaurants are booming and every Tom, Dick, and Harry need a quick bite of breakfast on their way in to work. Unfortunately, restaurants are not equipped to cater to the high demand from their breakfast menus.


Presenting to you the savior of the restaurant business – Sara Lee, an American consumer-good company was the first company to introduce the concept of frozen bakery products. Since then, Frozen Bakery has come a long way with innovations and technologies to support its growth; attributed towards preference for instant, grab-on-the-go style menus that are in the rise across the world. These products need to have two main features -  easily ready and reasonably priced. 


Current trends in the Middle East


Without a doubt, the influence of Western culture is seeping into the culture of the rest of the world from the standard of living to rising incomes and eating routines. A study by Mordor Intelligence LLP says, “The GCC frozen bakery product market was valued at USD 161.52 million in 2016, and is expected to reach USD 241.14 million by 2022.”[2] The market of packaged food, coupled with the demand of healthy and international food options has taken over the increasing number of expatriates and Gen-Z population.




Countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar are among the wealthiest and busiest nations in the world. There is no disputing the need of the hour here – frozen baked food. Saudi Arabia Leads Consumption of Frozen Bread & Rolls, followed by UAE where frozen bread occupies a major share of 39.14% in the GCC frozen bakery market, trailed by frozen pizza crusts.[3] 


If you are looking for specific frozen bakery needs for your businesses, click here. We really do have it all!


Last but not the least – The Corona effect


The impact seems to be two-fold.


One is where we see the increased efforts of bakers around the globe to cater to the demand of their loyal customers. Frozen bakery products are the need of the hour for these businesses – they are easy to prepare, cost-effective and involve less variable factors for contamination while baking.


Second, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) performance directly affects frozen bakery players, as burger buns, sandwich rolls, and breakfast goods represent the major outlet for their production.[4] However, even though lockdowns are being lifted across the globe, most people are wary of eating food that has not been made freshly in the kitchen.


Click here to know more about different baking trends amidst the COVID pandemic.

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May 07, 2020 | 12:28

From isolated workers to home bakers


The baking trend that has taken the world by storm.


Latest reports on the COVID-19 trends highlight 63% of 13-39 year olds are

cooking at home today; a generation most known to be the driver of the online food order/delivery industry to boom. Apart from cooking for their daily meals, 40% of this segment have admitted to cooking and baking as a past time for pleasure.[1]


Baking enthusiasts worldwide have confirmed that ingredients for their work are short in supply – for example, sales in France of flour surged by 160% year-over-year in March, ranking it among emergency essentials such as rice (160%), pasta (200%) and soap (220%).






As we see the rise in staple ingredients in March, a report from the Economist states in “April, global searches for “yeast” (in English and its foreign translations) had bubbled up by 300% compared with the first week of March. “Brioche” has seen a similar increase—albeit from a lower base. “Cookies” and “cake”, which have always been popular for parents with little helpers, have grown by 83% and 58% respectively.” [2] Which would lead us to believe from bakeries to bachelors at home, and couples to families with children - baking has never been as popular before as it is now!


In fact, the tag #quarantinebaking and #homebake on Instagram is trending with images and videos ranging from snacks to elegant desserts! As part of the baking trend, quarantined bread baking is at an all-time high with consumers getting their own sourdough starters. Banana bread has even become a staple in most households as shoppers are making use of their extra fruit at home. [3]


So where and when do we see the end of the tunnel?





Analysts at Bernstein have disclosed, “Most consumers expect to eat more healthy and fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables after the pandemic. Some also highlighted frozen foods and vegetables…” A small survey in the US in April yielded the results as can be noted in the graph, confirming that home-cooking habits are expected to prevail and the demand for cooking/baking ingredients will stay high. 


Similar reports are being released by leading market researchers, disclosing that we are observing the evolution of a “future foodie” that bakes and cooks from scratch in their own home. Instagram feeds will no longer be flooded with images at restaurants and pubs, but will be overtaken by videos and pictures from peoples’ own homes with food that they have prepared until mid-2021. 



To adapt to the ever-growing need of the current consumer behavior, take a look at some tips to keep your bakery running during the pandemic.





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April 23, 2020 | 12:00

Tips to keep your bakery running during ...

As we, at Pristine Baking Solutions, cope with consistent changes in the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some tips for you to adjust to the new work-culture in bakeries




Take stock of what you have and what you can make well in the most cost-effective manner. As times get tougher and uncertain, customers are looking for food that is easy to consume and comforting at the same time.

You can reach a larger segment of customers by simply sticking to traditional recipes that use only the essentials of baking as well.



Constantly share information with your audience to engage them with yourself! Utilize your digital platforms to let them know of what measures you are taking as a company to deal with the pandemic. 



To break off from the serious tone, keep it simple! Research shows a drastic increase in the efforts of home baking and healthy-eating during the period of isolation. Why not create some audience interaction by inviting them to bake live with you, sharing tips for the kitchen, show some healthy recipes or highlight the product for the day?



Always remember – offer online order services so that the customers are able to reach out to you 24/7. You will not only understand what your customers are looking for and keep you ahead in the demand-graph but you will be able to manage your orders quicker!

Let your audience know through your social media that you are delivering now and stay true to yourself by accepting orders that you can actually deliver.



If your business is generally a dine-in, start working with a local delivery service provider or use your own workforce to make contactless deliveries. Take orders via phone/ online and deliver baked goodies to your customers within a certain radius. Simply leave the parcel at the customer’s building reception for them to collect or outside their doorstep so they can pick it up.

It allows you the chance to keep sales going and stay relevant in today’s dynamic and ever-changing world. 




Now that most members of a household are under the same roof, families are spending a lot of time with each other and are in need of some family fun.


Cater to the community by offering ‘Bake-it-yourself’ kits where you simply give the ingredients and instructions to bake items at home. Offer a range of baked items to choose from that are easy-to-bake like cookies (chocolate chips as an addition) or cupcake mixes (with sprinkles to top off) to give your customers variety. 




Embrace the current trend of donating baked items to a near and dear one. Bakeries worldwide are allowing customers to place an order for a baked goodie with messages like, “Stay Safe”, “Hope” or “Thank You” which is delivered and gifted to a loved one.

It allows you the chance to keep sales going and stay relevant in today’s dynamic and ever-changing world.




Amidst the “business as usual” routine, take the time out to give yourself some tender loving care. Appreciate everyone who works with you as part of the front-line to make sure you are meeting the needs of those who are trying to stay safe or are fighting the battle themselves.


While you do this, try to give back to your community in every way you can so we ride out of this tunnel stronger together.


 Click here to see our small token of appreciation to our front-liners.



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