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Perfecting the American Style of Baking!

July 27, 2020 | 11:15

The inside scoop just for you


American style bakery products are all the rage worldwide. In the Middle Eastern market, the trends show that there is a consistent increase in the demand to have these kind of products available for the end-customer. Take a walk through time to know more about the world of American baking here.


Our chefs have curated a set of tips and tricks for you to keep in mind while working our range of our American Cream Cakes to prepare the perfect baked item! 




#1: Batter be perfect

When using frozen eggs for your batter, make sure that the egg is completely defrosted. If not, it will make the batter too cold – not allowing it to perform correctly when it’s set in the oven!


#2: Getting the perfect cream cake

When mixing the wet ingredients, save yourself the bother of too many utensils by just adding oil and water in the same jug. The hydrophobic nature of the oils allow it to simply float above the water; you do not need to weigh and keep each item separate.


#3: Blueberry blast

Using frozen fruit is generally the way to go if you are looking to save time and cost. In today’s uncertain world with the COVID-19 pandemic, many bakeries are stocking up on ingredients that can be frozen without impact.


In the case of blueberries, they have the tendency to reduce the temperature of the batter when introduced. Therefore, you simply raise the temperature of the water used in the batter by 4-5°C. This allows your baked item to rise well and have the right amount of volume! 


#4: Scrumptious Carrot Cake

What’s more satisfying than the perfect combination of a cake that achieves the flawless balance of density, sweetness and spice? That’s right – look no further than our Carrot Cake mix!


A pro-tip for you: when baking, ensure you squeeze all the juice out of the carrot; the water from the carrot makes the batter thin. However, when making the batter, you can use the carrot juice and add to the water quantity needed – it works wonders for the flavor of the cake. 



#5: Freeze Time and Save it!

Pristine’s Cream Cakes are designed in a way where they are freeze-thaw stable.

When you are preparing a large order, you can save time by preparing yourself the previous day and baking your product. Just store it in the freezer and your product will become more moist and soft when it is defrosted! It’s the product you need in your bakery when you require more time to prep other products, decorate, etc.


Pristine's entire range of Artisanal American Delights is crafted specifically to cater to the demand of American style baking. From cream cakes to donuts and brownies, you can find every solution that is versatile for all your baking needs. Learn more about what we have to offer here.


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