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From isolated workers to home bakers

May 07, 2020 | 12:28


The baking trend that has taken the world by storm.


Latest reports on the COVID-19 trends highlight 63% of 13-39 year olds are

cooking at home today; a generation most known to be the driver of the online food order/delivery industry to boom. Apart from cooking for their daily meals, 40% of this segment have admitted to cooking and baking as a past time for pleasure.[1]


Baking enthusiasts worldwide have confirmed that ingredients for their work are short in supply – for example, sales in France of flour surged by 160% year-over-year in March, ranking it among emergency essentials such as rice (160%), pasta (200%) and soap (220%).






As we see the rise in staple ingredients in March, a report from the Economist states in “April, global searches for “yeast” (in English and its foreign translations) had bubbled up by 300% compared with the first week of March. “Brioche” has seen a similar increase—albeit from a lower base. “Cookies” and “cake”, which have always been popular for parents with little helpers, have grown by 83% and 58% respectively.” [2] Which would lead us to believe from bakeries to bachelors at home, and couples to families with children - baking has never been as popular before as it is now!


In fact, the tag #quarantinebaking and #homebake on Instagram is trending with images and videos ranging from snacks to elegant desserts! As part of the baking trend, quarantined bread baking is at an all-time high with consumers getting their own sourdough starters. Banana bread has even become a staple in most households as shoppers are making use of their extra fruit at home. [3]


So where and when do we see the end of the tunnel?





Analysts at Bernstein have disclosed, “Most consumers expect to eat more healthy and fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables after the pandemic. Some also highlighted frozen foods and vegetables…” A small survey in the US in April yielded the results as can be noted in the graph, confirming that home-cooking habits are expected to prevail and the demand for cooking/baking ingredients will stay high. 


Similar reports are being released by leading market researchers, disclosing that we are observing the evolution of a “future foodie” that bakes and cooks from scratch in their own home. Instagram feeds will no longer be flooded with images at restaurants and pubs, but will be overtaken by videos and pictures from peoples’ own homes with food that they have prepared until mid-2021. 



To adapt to the ever-growing need of the current consumer behavior, take a look at some tips to keep your bakery running during the pandemic.





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