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Put water, bread mix, and yeast in a mixing bowl. Mix for 2 minutes on slow speed and 6 minutes on medium speed or until dough develops. Remove the dough from the mixing bowl and dust with flour. Put the dough on the table and rest it for 20 minutes with plastic or a piece of cloth. Cut into 180g and fold in to baguette shape. Proof for 60 minutes at 35°C with 70 RH. Bake at 195°C for 22 minutes in a rotary oven with steam.


*This recipe can also be made with the Pristine Wheat Bran Bread 50% Concentrate. Use 500g Wheat Bran Bread Concentrate along with 500g Premium Flour instead of the full mix. Remaining ingredients stay the same.

  • Pristine Wheat Bran Bread Mix*
    1000 g
  • Pristine Instant Dry Yeast
    15 g
  • Water (Chilled)
    680 g